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Pet cafe to open in Bury

A new pet cafe and bakery is set to open its doors in Bury next month. 

According to the Bury Times, Paws for Coffee is described as a “cafe for pooches and other pets where owners are welcome”.

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The site will provide freshly baked dog treats everyday, including ‘pup cakes’, as well as dog-friendly versions of popular biscuits, including custard creams, bourbon creams, Party Rings and Jammy Dodgers. All recipes are organic, gluten free and grain free. 

Renovations for the site are now underway, and when finished, will feature a play area for dogs, as well as toys and beds.

A “grand opening” for the cafe will be held on 1 August.

Owner Karen Phillips told the Bury Times: “We are just delighted to bring this new concept to the Bury area. It’s a bit niche and there’s nothing else like this around here. We hope that all the pet lovers will come down and join us.

“I know there are other coffee shops and cafes that say they are pet friendly, but when you go in with your dog you get eyes rolled at you, because some people don’t like dogs. We are completely different. Paws for Coffee is a dog cafe where owners are also welcome.”

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