Rùn launches new cold-pressed dog food

Eco-pet food brand Rùn has launched its complete, cold-pressed dry dog food.

The premium UK-made brand is available to stock in 7.5kg and 15kg as well as a 25kg eco-friendly bag exclusive to trade customers.

Offering a big point of difference for potential stockists who would like to embrace the zero-waste trend where customers can fill their own containers, this sales method meets a growing consumer trend.

Rùn is also grain-free with single protein and fat sources and uses paper as packaging.

Lucy Millar, Rùn’s founder developed the brand with a focus on quality but also to tackle the environmental cost of pet food packaging. 

She said: “Our packaging is made of 100% paper – recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, even in the 25 kg retailer sacks. We went on quite a journey looking for the greenest available option that achieved the environmental standards we were aiming to reach. 

“Our evaluation showed the technology just isn’t there yet on bioplastic or compostable packaging, with bioplastics still very difficult to dispose of responsibly, and the vast majority of compostable packaging requiring temperatures that are only found at industrial composting facilities. Paper, on the other hand, ticked all the boxes.”

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