Pet shop targeted by vandals

A pet shop was targeted by vandals last weekend, with Lincolnshire Police now calling for information regarding the incident. 

Vandals smashed in the front windows of the Louth-based Potty About Pets store. 

The incident reportedly took place at about 10.10pm last Saturday evening (11 July). 

Owner Meg Johnson told the Louth Leader: “If anyone has any information about the waste of space that smashed my pet shop window last night, please private message me.

“I rushed down at 6.45am on Sunday morning after receiving a message that my window has been smashed. I felt sick and my main worry was my pets, but everyone is okay.”

She added: “I hope whoever has done this gets a nice bit of karma and I hope I find out who has caused criminal damage to my pet shop.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed to local reporters that they are investigating, adding that no arrests have been made.

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