TV vet Joe Inglis launches VetChef

TV Vet Joe Inglis has launched his own homemade dog food platform, VetChef.

VetChef is to help owners feed their pets a diet of all-fresh, natural produce through a “bespoke recipe” plan tailored to each individual animal’s needs.

Inglis said he believes home-prepared foods are “best for your pets”, after devoting 15 years to helping build pet food brands and Vet’s Kitchen.

He said: “Having been involved in the commercial pet food world for many years, I know exactly what goes into manufactured pet foods.

“We must be able to do better than feeding our pet companions a diet of ultra-processed kibbles or wet food. After all, how many of us would be happy with a diet like that ourselves?”

He added: “Currently a quarter of pet owners worldwide – some 200 million – follow fresh-feeding principles. Concerns around providing a balanced diet, cost and complexity prevent many more from following suit.”

VetChef’s AI-powered web platform uses Inglis’ expertise in nutrition to help solve these problems by creating bespoke menu plans.

Inglis added: “Pet owners tell me they want to feed more home-made meals but feel they don’t have the necessary nutritional knowledge to do so safely.

“My goal is to help owners to start moving away from feeding ultra-processed foods every day and add more fresh, homemade meals into their dog’s diet as I believe the more fresh food our pets eat the better their long term health and wellbeing.”

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