Tractive unveils new feature

Tractive has announced the launch of a new activity monitoring feature, allowing pet owners to ensure that their pets stay fit, as well as safe. 

The group, which specialises in GPS tracking for cats and dogs, said the new feature allows pet owners to “follow their cat or dog’s every step” throughout the day. 

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The pet’s activity is tracked in minutes and logged by the Tractive GPS Tracker, then relayed through a mobile app. 

Tractive said that the app gives pet owners insight into how much exercise their pet is getting and helps them to make lifestyle changes their pet may need in order to improve health 

With over 50% of UK dogs and 44% of cats classed as obese and with 80% of vets citing lack of exercise as a significant factor, Tractive’s new activity monitoring feature is a welcome addition in the fight against pet obesity.

Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive said: “We’re really excited to launch this new activity monitoring feature, which has been designed to give pet owners all they need to take care of their beloved pet. 

“Thanks to our GPS tracker we are giving pet owners peace of mind whenever and wherever they need it.” 

Florian Gschwandtner, founder of Runtastic and Tractive chief growth officer said: “Tractive has the potential to be the next Runtastic – with this new feature, we have an all-in-one product that provides enormous value to pet parents and their pets. We are very excited about the launch and the months to come.”

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