Battersea issues advice on post-lockdown routines

Animal charity Battersea has issued advice on separation anxiety and post-lockdown routines.

The charity said with coronavirus restrictions slowly being lifted, owners may have to start leaving their pets home alone as they return to work, it has issued advice to make the transition as “smooth as possible” for the nation’s dogs and cats.

Some tips include if pet owners are currently working from home, working in a different room or area to the pets, also, building up time slowly and rewarding good behaviour. Battersea said: “Start small, even if that means you only close the door for 30 seconds at first.”

Other tips include: Exercising your dog leaving them so they’ve had a chance to burn off some energy, as well as building up the animal’s confidence with rewards for good behaviour and mental stimulation.”

The charity said: “Consider purchasing a camera so you can see what your pet gets up to when left alone. If you can see what your pet does when you leave them, then you can interpret the issues more easily.”

Ali Taylor, head of canine behaviour at Battersea said: “As pets across the country have adjusted to having their owners at home 24/7, some dogs and cats may find it distressing to spend more time alone. 

“While dogs are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety, cats can also find it stressful when their routine changes suddenly.”

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