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Animal Health Trust closes its doors

The Animal Health Trust has officially confirmed its closure following a period of financial troubles. 

In an online statement, the trust said: “It is with deep regret that today we have announced to our colleagues that the Animal Health Trust’s board of trustees have concluded that the Trust needs to close and next week will formally begin the process to wind-up the AHT.

“The decision to cease operations has been reached after several months of trying to secure funding.”  

It added: “Although substantial progress was made, the charity has been unable to secure the significant funds it needs to have a long-term viable future.

“Further announcements will be made in due course.  However, at this point no further comment will be made.”

The group first warned that it faced “imminent closure” in an update released last March

The charity said that it has recently been facing “dire financial constraints”, and revealed that the recent coronavirus pandemic had directly impacted its funding. 

At the time, its executive committee announced it was seeking emergency funding, including the use of government schemes, to try and keep the organisation afloat. 

Nonetheless, the group said that closure of the charity was “likely”. 

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