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Aquadip unveils new aquarium care range

Aquadip has announced the launch of a new in-house range of Aquadip Professional Aquarium Care Products.

The new product series is set to replace its discontinued brand of Easy-Life products.

The products, packaging, sealing, coding and dosing of the aquarium care range have all been developed by the group in-house, which has resulted in a reduced retail price for customers.

The new range contains water conditioner products, plant fertilisers, algae control products and fish health conditioners.

The products arrive in “luxury” packaging that features black bottles with a safety-lock cap. The packaging has also been designed with a focus on reduced plastic waste.

In light of this, dosing dispensers and 30ml dosing cups can be ordered separately in a bid to minimise plastic waste.

The bottles are available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1,000ml sizes, as well as five-litre jerry cans. 

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