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Wilsons Pet Food looks to expand

Wilsons Pet Food is reportedly set up to sign several deals with “major retailers” in a bid that would fuel the company’s growth. 

Craig Wallace purchased the pet food brand in 2017, and has since facilitated the opening of its first purpose-built production facility. It now produces cold-pressed dog food in Perth and Blairgowrie.

The company is now looking to expand its production facilities, and grow its export sales through major retailers.

Wallace told The Courier: “We have restructured our sales channels to get back to the growth we were seeing early on in the year. We are in the final throes of finalising a deal with some large pet retailers which will double our monthly turnover.

“We have also been growing our online sales model which has been particularly important during the crisis. It has been tough during the lockdown restrictions, but retailers have been looking at what we offer and I think some of the big name shops have been reflecting on the products they sell too.”

He added: “It feels as though this has provided smaller brands with an opportunity to get a footing into a bigger market share.”

“The majority of wet dog food, such as pouches, are imported from Europe, but pet owners are now more discerning. The plan now is to have our sales team back at the end of July so we can move forward with our plans.”

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