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Brutus Broth announces board appointment

Pet nutrition group Brutus Broth has announced the appointment of Elliott Haverlack to its board of directors.

He previously had a 12-year career with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition (APN), where he “transformed” the two brand, family-run business with a one manufacturing site into a company with three divisions, five operating sites and a dozen brands in the pet category.

While leading APN, he co-founded Targeted Pet Treats, a prominent canine injection molding innovation entity. He also led the controlling interest investment in Hampshire Pet Products, where he served as president.

Kim Hehir, president of Brutus Broth, said: “We are delighted to bring Elliott into the Brutus Broth family and look forward to working with him to grow our presence in the pet industry and bring our company to the next level.” 

Haverlack said: “I see passion, energy and an innovative spirit in the Brutus Broth team.

“I am consistently on the lookout for novel, honest product lines led by enthusiastic people. Brutus Broth checks both those boxes.”

Sue Delegan, CEO of Brutus Broth, said: “Elliott’s track record growing brands in the pet industry is second to none.

“We look forward to working closely with him to learn from his expertise as we drive market exposure for the Brutus Broth brand and grow as entrepreneurs and business leaders.”

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