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PetPanion seeks pet trade partners for new programme

PetPanion has announced it is searching for pet trade product and service providers to join its new owner rewards programme. 

It comes as the app has launched its new wellness score feature. Developed in conjunction with the University of Surrey, the feature “addresses all the areas new and existing dog and cat parents need to cover, to ensure their pet is both healthy and happy”. 

The programme prompts owners to consider eight key aspects of their pet’s wellbeing: age, breed, weight, vaccination record, dental health, parasite treatments, medical conditions and happiness. 

The app allows owners to track their pet’s exercise and set daily exercise goals, as well as create other health and wellbeing related targets. It can also monitor skin and coat issues and behavioural issues.  

In addition, the programme offers ‘PetPanion Coins’ as rewards. If a pet’s health is improved or maintained at a high level, the coins can either be used to purchase affiliated products or donated to a charity that has registered with PetPanion.

PetPanion’s creator, Qian Huang, said he is now looking for pet trade suppliers with products that support pet health and wellbeing, which could be aligned with the PetPanion brand.

Huang said: “We are already working with some exciting pet product brands but wish to provide app users with other choices when it comes to the spending of their PetPanion coins.  

“We would also like charities to register and become one of the causes that can also benefit from pet owners’ coin donations. Please get in touch with us. Together we can create a higher level of responsible pet ownership in the UK.”

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