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Aquatic firms see boost during lockdown

The UK’s aquatics industry has reportedly been “boosted” by a rise in popularity of garden ponds during the nationwide lockdown.

According to the organisers of Aqua 2021, more households have looked to build a wildlife or fishpond in the garden during lockdown, which has “proved good for business” for Aqua 2021 exhibitors specialising in pond-related products.

Aqua 2021 is the UK’s leading aquatics exhibition, and is set to take place at the Telford International Centre on 13 October and 14 October 2021. The event provides an opportunity for aquatics retailer to exhibit products and services, 

One of its organisers, Gordon Thomas, said he was “struck” by the amount of companies reporting strong business during the lockdown period, particularly those supplying products for garden ponds.

Pondxpert, for example, has seen a large increase in demand since mid-April.

Tom Jeffery, Pondxpert’s sales and operations manager, said: “We are on course to have our most successful season ever, which was helped by our ability to have all of our full season’s stock ready for sale well before the season started.

“We have also seen a continued increase in the number of new retailers coming on board throughout this period as they look to capitalise on the new surge in the popularity of gardening and, by extension, garden ponds.” 

He added: “I know that many of our retailers have had their busiest periods ever too, and the industry seems pretty excited by the fantastic demand the public has shown in pond products over the past two months.”

According to the Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association, ponds and home aquariums have been an “important source of relaxation” during lockdown.

OATA’s chief executive Dominic Whitmee said: “Lockdown offered people more time to concentrate on home-based hobbies, including setting up or looking after aquariums. 

“The weather was also perfect to spruce up gardens and to add a pond. It’s great to hear that people have been investing in home aquariums and garden ponds because we know how good both can be for mental health.”

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