Yumove announces partnership with Pawsquad

Vet joint supplement brand Youmove has announced its partnership with PawSquad to offer veterinary advice 24/7 to its UK subscribers, supporting long-term preventative care for animals.

The move comes as a recent Yumove survey among dog owners highlighted that because of lockdown pet owners are attending vets less (60%) and due to limited face to face veterinary services available are using virtual veterinary services (35%).

The PawSquad service will be free for Yumove customers that sign up to its subscription base.

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Dr Mark Boddy, PawSquad said: “Whether your pet is unwell or you just need general advice about your pet’s health and wellbeing, our team of vets is ready to help. We’ll assess your pet’s needs and talk through the options with you. 

“Most of the time, our experienced vets can deal with your concern right there and then or, if it needs a trip to your local vet clinic, recommend whether it needs urgent intervention or can wait safely for a more convenient time.”

Rebecca Newton, spokesperson for Yumove added: “Our mission is to keep pets ‘active for life’ and ensure they live their best lives so we’re delighted to be partnering with PawSquad to give pet owners free veterinary advice.  

“Whether owners want out of hours emergency advice, a mobility health check or a second opinion, the subscriber gets the advice that they want and need free of charge when their pets need it most.”

She concluded: “Getting this level of support from the comfort of your own home is fantastic and we want to enable more owners to have access to this service.”

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