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Pet food retailer to move to largest premises of their kind

A pet food retailer has finalised a deal to secure a move into a former supermarket in Hampshire, creating the biggest pet food store store of its kind in the country. 

Healthy Pet Store, which specialises in healthy, frozen meals for cats and dogs, is now set to take over a former supermarket and “transform it into one of the largest retailers of frozen food for pets in the country”. 

The new unit, which is set to open later this month, will feature 30 freezers of freshly frozen raw meat recipes for pets. It will be the largest retailer of frozen fresh foods for pets by square footage. 

In addition, Healthy Pet Store said it focuses on its own brand of food so it can have “strict control” over the 50 recipes it sells. 

Customers currently travel from, and can receive home deliveries to, all of Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, with others journeying from London and even Yorkshire.

The existing store opened five years ago and currently sells around seven tonnes of frozen food each week, excluding ambient and dried categories. The site will close once its eleven-strong team completes the move into the new unit, with doors set to open on 20 June.

Managing director, Deborah Burrows, said: “It was a massive challenge keeping the deal to take over the unit in sight. We had committed to the process many months before lockdown, but the Covid-19 crisis could have scuppered all our plans.

“But thanks to the landlord, property agents, and contractors, we have got everything back on track again.”

She added: “People are really focused these days on providing healthy and nutritious food for their cats and dogs and understand the physical and mental benefits this can bring. We provide an easy, straight forward and convenient way to do this.

“We are very careful with the ranges of products we stock to ensure companion animals are getting the very best food, and more, that they need for a healthy lifestyle.”

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