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Linnaeus donates thousands to animal charities

Practices across veterinary group Linnaeus have collectively donated £75,000 to charities affected by the pandemic this year.

The group, which operates 39 primary care practices and 11 referral centres, made the decision to donate alongside its parent company Mars Veterinary Health Group.

The total sum has been split across the all Linnaeus teams, who each decided what  charities would benefit from the donations. In total, 61 donations being made.

Charities that received support include Cats Protection, RSPCA, Street Vet and Blue Cross, as well as a large number of smaller organisations in practice localities.

Emma Barnes, chief operating officer at Linnaeus, said: “As part of Mars Veterinary Health, our whole ethos is ‘making a better world for pets, as pets make it a better world for us’.

“As such, it seemed only right we should try to do something for those animal charities which have seen a lot of their funding streams dry up as a result of Covid-19.”

She added: “We hope the donations we have been able to make go some way to helping ease the strain on those charities which provide a wide range of essential help, care and services to the animal world.”

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