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Company of Animals launches periodontal range for dogs

Company of Animals has announced the launch of a new range of dental hygiene products for dogs, in a new venture with Arm and Hammer. 

The launch follows reports that 80% of dogs suffer with Periodontal Disease before the age of three, while only 8% of dog owners brush their pet’s teeth regularly. Company of Animals now hopes to raise awareness of the disease through its new product launch. 

The ‘Fresh Spectrum’ range offers a product line for both dogs and puppies, respectively, with all products ensuring “maximum cleaning results whilst being much easier and more convenient for consumers to use”.

The range includes a dental water additive, which can be added to drinking water, as well as an “easy-to-use” mouth spray to improve mouth hygiene.

Both adult and puppy ranges include a 360° toothbrush that is designed to reach multiple tooth surfaces and be used on teeth of different sizes. According to the group, it enables “more efficient” brushing, while its newly-launched toothpaste “helps to provide longer lasting protection”

In addition, Arm and Hammer have reformulated the products to include coconut oil which reportedly clings to teeth and gums, lasting longer than water-based alternatives. 

Dr Roger Mugford, from Company of Animals, said: “All our products are designed to help improve and enrich the lives of our pet’s health and happiness. Our partnership with Arm and Hammer aims to tackle the misconceptions surrounding canine dental care, and ultimately see a reduction of dogs suffering with Periodontal Disease.”

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