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Isle of Wight pet shop launches zoo fundraiser

A pet shop has launched a fundraiser in efforts to support a struggling local zoo amid the ongoing lockdown.

Wight Vipers, an exotic pet shop based on the Isle of Wight, has now asked customers to donate £1 every time they visit the store. 

For every donation pledged, the business will donate a tub of livefood to the nearby Amazon World zoo park.

In an update on its Facebook page, the retailer said: “As many of you know, Damien worked in zoos for over 25 years, so the current situation regarding the problems many zoos are facing is quite close to his heart.

“As this situation drags on it continues to throw the future of many zoos in doubt as this would ordinarily be the time they make their money to see them through the year with the impeccable work they do for wild animals and conservation.”

It added: “It is with this in mind we are going to ask something we have never had to ask you before through your years of loyal support, and help us to help our friends at Amazon World.

“They have probably the largest reptile collection on the island to feed at this time so what we wish to do, with your help, is to help them with food. We are all in this together so your support would mean the world to us and the hardworking team at Amazon World.” 

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