Earth Animal launches new dog chew range in UK

Pet food manufacturer Earth Animal has launched its ‘No-Hide Wholesome Chew’ range in the UK.

The chews are made with “just six simple, natural ingredients”, which include brown rice flour, organic eggs, olive oil, banana, pineapple stem and agar-agar (vegetable gelatine). 

The “easily digestible” and “long-lasting” chews are free of animal hide, bleaches and chemicals. 

Hand-rolled in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA, No-Hide Chews are available in four sizes and three flavours, which include ‘humanely-raised chicken’, ‘grass-fed beef’, and ‘wild-caught atlantic salmon’. 

Sam Noble, head of international at Earth Animal, said: “We are on a mission to create a more humane, more natural, and more effective solution for fellow Earth Animals all around the world.

“No-Hide is a much-loved example of this in the US and we are incredibly excited for dogs in the UK to finally experience this delicious and wholesome alternative to rawhide.”

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