RSPCA reports rise in cats in care amid Covid-19 lockdown

Animal charity RSPCA has reported it has taken 324 cats into its care, more than any other pet, and fears that the situation is set to “get worse” since the Covid-19 lockdown was introduced.

RSPCA said there is already an influx at this time of the year, but lockdown means that it’s harder for owners to neuter their pets and its experts fear there will be more “unwanted litters coming through our doors”.

Since the start of lockdown, there have been 6,630 incidents reported to RSPCA’S hotline about cats with the most incidents in Greater London (870), West Midlands (453), Greater Manchester (364) and West Yorkshire (326).

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Dr Samantha Gaines, head of the companion animal department, said: ”We’re currently caring for more cats than any other pet throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

“Every year, the scale of the cat overpopulation problem becomes even more apparent from May to September when most cats are born as we’re often overwhelmed with kittens.The kitten season this year will continue despite Covid-19 and so we’re bracing ourself for even more cats.”

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