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Kennel Club Charitable Trust reopens relief fund

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust has announced the reopening of its emergency relief fund in light of the ongoing pandemic.

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust and Our Dogs Appeal initially ran throughout April, and raised support for smaller dog rescue centres and other canine organisations affected by the crisis. 

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust first announced its support for these centres and organisations in March, with the intention to raise emergency funds in order to “prevent the unnecessary suffering of dogs”. 

The initial appeal saw twenty organisations receive funds to help them stay afloat amid the pandemic, allowing them to continue taking in dogs, and housing dogs who could not be rehomed in light of lockdown restrictions. 

Revd. Bill King, chairman of the Kennel Club Charitable Trust said: “We recognise the importance of trying to support some of the smaller, but incredibly vital and dedicated canine organisations and rescues. 

“Following on from the first round of applications it was recognised that we need to try and raise more funds so we can help more of the smaller charities.”

He added: “We have been very grateful to the support of Our Dogs newspaper – without them and their readers we wouldn’t have been able to raise the extra £40,000 to be able to reopen the appeal. 

“The appeal is still running within the newspaper and there is still so much to do, so we are grateful for any further funds to help us continue to support some of those smaller charities who are suffering in these extraordinary times.”

Since its establishment in 1987, the trust has distributed grants totalling over £11m to a wide variety of causes across canine health, support dogs, welfare and rescue.

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