Natures Menu launches new ‘Country Hunter Game Meat Selection’ cans

Raw and natural pet food company Natures Menu has added a new selection pack to its Country Hunter Game Meat range, exclusive to the specialist pet trade.

Made with 80% meat, blended with fruit, vegetables and superfoods, all steam-cooked within the can, the new range is designed to offer dog owners the chance to add variety to dogs’ meals.

The protein-filled ‘Country Hunter Game Meat Selection’ cans, formed of varieties in the County Hunter can range include duck, pheasant and goose, wild venison and wild boar. 

All grain and gluten free, the cans are naturally gentle on digestion, making it the “ideal meal option” for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies.

Peter Roy, business development director at Natures Menu, said: “The market trend is showing growth in multipacks – as well as being our bestsellers across other categories. 

“We’re excited to be able to offer the Country Hunter Game Selection exclusively to our specialist trade partners. They’re a great opportunity for retailers to encourage consumers to trade up to a bulk pack size, as well as offering them variety for their pet.”

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