Linneaus announces partnership with BVRA

Vet group, Linnaeus, which is part of Mars Veterinary Health has announced its partnership with the British Veterinary Receptionist Association (BVRA) and will see a record number of employees achieve official accreditation.

The vet group has teamed up with the BVRA to provide comprehensive training for more than 750 of its primary care reception staff, as part of the association’s Accredited Veterinary Receptionist (AVR) award programme.

The scheme, which launched with the BVRA in October 2017, provides three levels of bronze, silver and gold accreditation, offering a structured body of knowledge that an effective veterinary receptionist should know and master. 

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In the first corporate partnership of its kind, Linnaeus receptionists will also benefit from courses to cover equine practices and a competent veterinary dispensers award, designed largely for non-qualified personnel working within veterinary practice, such as receptionists and care assistants. 

The AVR award is accredited by the Independent Association of Non-Clinical Veterinary Accreditation and around 750 receptionists from Linnaeus, which has 39 primary care practices across the UK, will be completing the three stages over the next 12 months. 

Emma Barnes, chief operating officer at Linnaeus, said: “We’re really pleased to be teaming up with the BVRA on this unique partnership. 

“Our reception staff make such an integral contribution to our clients’ and patients’ journeys and we want to empower them with as much knowledge, skill and support as possible, to continue making such a valuable contribution to our practices.”

She added: “The BVRA provides a comprehensive awards programme which we felt would be of real benefit to the team and, upon completion, will mean Linnaeus has the most Accredited Veterinary Receptionists in the UK, which will be something to be rightly proud of.” 

Kay Watson-Bray, co-founder of the BVRA, said: “We launched the association with the mission of recognising and raising the status of veterinary receptionists within the UK veterinary profession. 

“Since our creation in October 2017, we have gained more than 6,000 members but this is the first time we have linked up with a business like Linnaeus to put such a large number of receptionists through the AVR award, so we’re really excited about working with them.”

She concluded: “Completing the various stages should take around a year and we will be on hand to support all participants along the way.” 

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