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Purina debuts reusable food dispenser

Nestlé is rolling out a new reusable and refillable dispenser for Purina cat food in order to eliminate single-use packaging across its products. 

The reusable dispenser has been piloted in a four-month trial across three sites in Switzerland.

The product was reportedly well-received by consumers, and the trial will be rolled out across more venues over the next few months. 

Alongside the reusable dispenser, consumers can digitally access product information that would usually be found on packaging, such as ingredients, nutritional values and shelf life.

Bernard Meunier, CEO of Nestlé Purina Petcare, said: “At Purina, our teams are focused on designing our products and packaging for a more sustainable future. 

“This pilot marks an important step forward in our efforts towards waste reduction and we are proud to play a leading role in testing these innovative dispensers.” 

He added: “Offering pet owners the option of using safe reusable and refillable dispensers in-store can help us improve our environmental impact while still providing great quality nutrition for pets.”

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