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Animals killed in pet shop blaze

Several animals have died after a pet shop blaze in Sheerness yesterday (21 May) evening.

According to Kent Online, fire crews were called to Cuddles n Bubbles shortly after 5pm, but dozens of animals were unable to be saved.

Witnesses reported seeing thick black smoke coming out of the building, six fire engines worked to bring the fire under control.

Lorraine St John, from the Kent Wildlife Rescue Service, confirmed that there were “many casualties” in the blaze, but it was not known exactly how many animals died.

According to St John, many different animals were recovered from the shop, including tortoises, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgies, rats and a blue-tongued skink.

Most animals are believed to have died from smoke inhalation. Survivors were given oxygen treatment on the scene, and will be transferred to the Kent Wildlife Rescue Service for continued recovery.

St John said: “It’s all being controlled by the fire service at the moment. We’ve managed to get out some animals that were alive.

“It’s incredibly sad, but we’ve seen worse than this. A fire is a sad case but it’s not a case of neglect or anything like that.”

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