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RSPCA hospitals treat 5,495 emergencies during lockdown

The RSPCA has revealed it treated 5,495 emergency cases across its animal hospitals and clinics since the beginning of lockdown.

Its five animal hospitals and clinics have continued to operate, providing emergency care to thousands of animals rescued by frontline officers during the crisis. 

Since 23 March, its hospitals in Birmingham, London, Manchester and Merthyr Tiydfil treated 2,505 dogs, more than 2,300 cats, 79 rabbits and 540 other pets and wild animals.

Its hospital teams have carried out more than 1,100 procedures, including operations, and nearly 1,400 animal patients have had to stay in for treatment.

The RSPCA released these figures as part of an emergency appeal, warning that “vital funding” is needed to help its frontline staff continue to treat emergency cases.

Caroline Allen, chief vet at the RSPCA, said: “Our hospitals’ teams have been working incredibly hard around the clock to help animals who need emergency care.

“They’ve had to change the way they work in order to keep themselves and the public safe but they’ve done such an amazing job to make sure we can still be there for animals most in need throughout this crisis.”

She added: “This crisis time has been hard for our hospital teams who have been working in very difficult circumstances. They’ve had to move to an emergency-only service, and put special procedures in place.

“This has been a really stressful time for our hospital workers – they have families, concerns and lives of their own to cope with during this crisis, so the work they’ve done is absolutely incredible during lockdown.”

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