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Hill’s Pet Nutrition expands Vet Essentials range

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced the expansion of its Vet Essentials range with the addition of three new pet food products.

The nutritional food range for both cats and dogs now includes Adult Dry, Adult Wet and No Grain. 

The range is sold exclusively to veterinary practices, and works to target specific health concerns.

The Vet Essential products work to promote heart, kidney and bladder health, digestion, healthy muscles, skin and coat and immunity. 

In a statement, Hill’s Pet Nutrition said: “Each Hill’s Vet Essentials pet food is uniquely formulated to provide five essential health benefits for your pet and is available exclusively through your veterinarian. 

“High quality nutrition, along with regular exercise and veterinary check-ups, maximizes your pet’s potential for a happier, healthier future.”

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