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Covéa Insurance partners with FirstVet

Covéa Insurance has announced a new partnership with FirstVet, a startup that  provides pet owners with on-demand video consultations with local, qualified veterinarians.

Customers of the insurance group will now be able to receive free video vet appointments through an app whilst the lockdown continues. 

Once a customer has downloaded the FirstVet app on iOS or Android, they will be asked to set up an account where they can then use  the video appointment service “as often as is required”.    

The app enables pets to be examined by vets remotely, without visiting a veterinary clinic, in order to alleviate the current strain felt on surgeries across the UK. FirstVet also provides detailed notes of the initial consultation to both the owner and vet.

There are currently 200 veterinarians on the FirstVet platform, and Covéa Insurance is FirstVet’s 31st insurance partner alongside Waggel, LV, and Bought By Many. 

The app has a presence in the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and its native Sweden, with more than 300,000 registered users. It delivers over 20,000 consultations every month across Scandinavia and the UK.

David Prien, FirstVet CEO & co-founder, said: “We are delighted to welcome Covéa Insurance on board as our next insurance partner. 

“Through these partnerships with insurance companies, we are able to achieve our goal of helping as many pet owners receive the remote care they need for their pets as possible, something which is even more important during the lockdown.”

Ian Bubb, head of pet at Covéa Insurance, adds: “We recognise that during these uncertain times that customers with pets may need additional support to help them care for their animals, and we believe the FirstVet app will help to provide customers with peace of mind and allow them to get advice quickly. 

“We’re pleased to partner with FirstVet to deliver this valuable service to our customers” 

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