Oak Tree Animals Charity reopens rehoming programme

Oak Tree Animals Charity has announced it has reopened its rehoming programme amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The charity, which was unable to rehome animals or take in non-emergency animal relinquishments, has been authorised by DEFRA with “strict” guidelines put in place.

Oak Tree announced it encourages its staff to work remotely wherever possible, with many employees being furloughed during the period to “help ensure their sustainability.”

However, the charity has a core team ready to respond and help the community at this difficult time. They are still taking in emergency cases, and seeing an unprecedented rise through the food banks for more pet food support from those facing financial hardship due to Covid-19. 

The charity announced,  with support by a donation from Purina, has also extended their food bank food supplies to three more food banks in the area in addition to another local charity providing care for carers. 

During the month of April, 226 pet food parcels have been given out, via the local food banks, to those most in need. 

The charity’s helping paw programme remains active to support those who are homeless or fleeing domestic violence during this period and they are receiving an increased number of calls from worried members of the community about looking after their pet during this period. 

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