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Scratch & Patch adopts Pet Black Box 

UK pet insurance provider Scratch & Patch has revealed it is now using the Pet Black Box from Verisk to support the online sale of insurance for pet cats and dogs with pre-existing medical conditions.

The Pet Black Box is a medical risk assessment tool that helps to quantify the full risk presented by pre-existing conditions that a pet may have. 

Customers can now declare their pet’s pre-existing medical conditions through an online quotation process on the Scratch & Patch website, which will enable their insurer to “quickly and efficiently” present a cover decision based on the risk profile of the pet. 

The new product, which is part of Verisk’s risk rating range of medical risk assessment tools, can be integrated into a point-of-sale system of insurers, brokers, price comparison websites and other insurance distributors. 

Ian Rayland, managing director at Scratch & Patch, said: “By integrating the Pet Black Box into our online insurance sales portal, we have been able to open our book of business to cats and dogs with pre-existing conditions.

“Tailoring an appropriate policy for pets with pre-existing conditions would have been difficult due to the challenges associated with obtaining and processing veterinary information during the quotation procedure.” 

He added: “However, the Pet Black Box has made it fast and easy for us to make a decision regarding acceptance, premium, cover, and terms and conditions.”

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