Mutneys Professional Pet Care helps keep dogs healthy amid Covid-19 lockdown

Dog grooming product supplier Mutneys Professional Pet Care has launched its campaign to help pet owners keep their dogs’ coats healthy during the coronavirus lockdown.

It has developed a series of free simple guides to home grooming which are available to professional dog groomers to pass on to their clients while grooming salons are closed during the pandemic.

The Mutneys team has put together a range of home grooming kits specifically developed for different types of coats to help dog owners maintain a basic grooming regime.

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The company’s joint founder and director, Stephanie Roberts, said that keeping a dog well groomed was important for its health and not just about maintaining its appearance.

She said: “There are important reasons for dog owners to keep their dogs well groomed while the professional groomers are unable to operate through the lockdown. It is an important part of a pet’s healthcare routine.”

She explained that brushing ventilated the coat, removed old and damaged hair, reduced loose hair which could become tangled and matted, encouraged healthy blood circulation and kept down the level of grease helping to keep the skin healthy. 

It also gave dog owners the chance to bond with their pets and check them for any new lumps, bumps and scratches that could need further attention. 

Roberts added: “We’ve been in the industry for 25 years and know many of the professional dog groomers personally. So we wanted to do everything we could to help them maintain contact with their customers as well as ensuring that their canine clients remained healthy while the grooming salons and businesses were closed.”

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