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Broadreach Nature launches range of calming aids

Broadreach Nature has announced the launch of a new range of calming aids and sprays to help animals who may be stressed during the coronavirus outbreak.

The manufacturer said that with the recent extension of lockdown, more pets could suffer from stress and anxiety as they have to adapt to changes in their routine and environment. 

Pets may also be stuck inside a house with more family or people than they are used to, particularly young children, and the resulting anxiety, fear or stress could lead to aggressive behaviour, Broadreach warned. 

In response, the group has launched a range of calming aids to help alleviate stress and anxiety for both cats and dogs.

Its new Calm Care Capsules can be given to pets whole or broken up and sprinkled on food. They are available in containers of 50, are natural and veterinary formulated and developed and contain L-Tryptophan, Ashwaganda Root and Valerian Root. 

Calm Care is also available in liquid format in a 120ml bottle complete with dropper. Both can be bought together in a duo pack.

Its main ingredient, L-Tryptophan, is believed to be a mood stabilising and calming supplement. Valerian Root Extract and Magnesium may exhibit calming and soothing qualities.

The specialist ingredient called Ashwaganda Extract may also help anxiety and stress-related behavioural issues due to its calming properties. 

It is thought to promote a feeling of well-being, aid  relaxation and sleep and help calm anxiety and irritability issues. Broadreach said this would therefore “make it a great ingredient for hyper, scared and otherwise irritable pet moments”.

In addition, Broadreach Nature’s Relax and Calm Care is an advanced veterinary formula of capsules which can also be given whole or sprinkled on food. The product also contains L-

Tryptophan, as well as L-Theanine, Calcium and Magnesium, which are essential in supporting muscle function and nerve induction. 

The manufacturer has also launched a range of dog chews entitled Relaxing Moments, which are available in containers of 60 and can be given daily. The group recommends the product for thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, grooming, moving house, separation issues such as kennel stays and “any situations that may cause worry”.

Finally, the new Relaxing Moments calming room spray helps to simulate canine pheromones and “provide a feeling of reassurance”. It is available in a 236 ml spray bottle.

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