Blagdon launches online diagnostic tool amid Covid-19 crisis

Water garden product company Blagdon has launched its online diagnostic tool to help pond keepers social distancing and self-isolating at home.

Blagdon’s tool is designed to help gardeners cut down on non-essential trips away from the home and allows them to diagnose common fish and pond problems from the safety of their homes.

Andrew Paxton, development manager at Blagdon said many pet and aquatic stores have closed for safety reasons due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, some with online stores, and delivery or click and collect mechanisms in place, will remain open so pond keepers can buy essential items like food and medication.

He said: “Spring is the start of the pond season when everything is waking up after the winter. It is traditionally the time when pond keepers have a bit of a clear out. This includes cleaning and kickstarting filters to ensure they are working well, as fish need feeding again after winter dormancy.

“As fish start to move about, it can become apparent if there have been any issues or ailments that need dealing with and this is when people need to ensure all their equipment is running properly too.”

 He added: “For those pond keepers correctly following all government advice, this tool will be invaluable.”

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