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Dog Artists sales surge amid pandemic

Dog Artists revealed it has seen a rise in the number of requests for pet portraits since the nationwide lockdown began. 

The London-based dog painting company consists of eight professional artists specialising in hand painted dog portraits. The group delivers oil paintings to pet owners across the globe.  

Each piece is based on photographs sent in by customers, and hand painted on canvas.

Customers can choose specific dimensions, background and style. Dog Artists also offers a framing service and worldwide delivery.

All commissioned portraits are delivered approximately four to six weeks after purchase date. 

Anouska Bertram, founder of Dog Artists, said, in part: “We have found this very surprising as artwork is expensive. 

“Our starting price for an oil portrait is £270, but we think because of the lockdown, people have spent infinitely more time with their pets than before.” 

She added: “As a result, people are even more attached to their dog companions. Hence why we have seen a 25% rise in enquiries than before the virus pandemic.

“We also have a lot of special requests for dogs painted in period dress and uniforms as well. These have proven to be just as popular as the standard, classic paintings we offer our customers.”

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