ONS suspends ‘High Demand Basket’ survey data

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed that its increasing costs of online pet food has been suspended due to issues with the data collected.

The ‘High Demand Basket’ survey revealed a 3.1% increase in price for the two weeks between 16-22 March and 23-29 March, with an average of an increase of 1.1% per week.

The report revealed pet food increased higher than paracetamol, which increased by 2.8%. The high demand products also included everyday essential items such as toilet roll, antibacterial wipes, baby food, kitchen rolls and long-life milk.

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However, the survey did not appear with the fourth version of ‘Coronavirus, the UK economy and society: faster indicators’ report, which is released weekly by the ONS. 

Instead the report issued an explanation to the way automated web-scrapers collected prices from one particular high-street retailer.

A statement released from ONS said: “We are temporarily suspending publication of these figures to give us time to improve price collection from this retailer. We will correct these indices and resume publication of these data as soon as possible.”

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