Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter to halts donations and rehoming work amid Covid-19 crisis

Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter has announced it is refusing donations and temporarily stopping its re-homing work, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement on the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter’s website it said due to the latest government advice surrounding Covid-19, it is no longer able to accept any physical donations, i.e. food, bedding, toys etc.

It said: “This is due to having to isolate these donations separately for 72 hours as we do not have the space to do so. We are very grateful for all donations but we must put this in place to protect our staff as we rely on them to look after our animals.”

The news comes as The Association of Dogs and Cats Homes survey has revealed that 95% of its members have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, as UK animal rescue centres have lost up to half of their income during the outbreak.

The Association of Dogs and Cat Homes (ADCH) announced their members were facing “huge staffing and funding pressures”, with nearly half admitting they may not survive the crisis. 

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