Natural Instinct donates dog food to National Animal Welfare Trust amid Covid-19 crisis

Raw pet food brand Natural Instinct has announced it has donated its raw dog food to the charity The National Animal Welfare Trust, amid the Covid-19 crisis.

The National Animal Welfare Trust cares for and rehomes around 1,200 animals per year. Working within the communities it serves, the charity supports local animal rescue groups, drives fundraising and most importantly, provides a safe haven for vulnerable animals in need.

Rachel Kirby, a spokesperson for Natural Instinct said the company is “passionate about happy, healthy pets and understand that a healthy diet plays a huge role in an animal’s life”.

She said: “In this difficult time, we’re as dedicated as ever to ensuring that we can provide not only our customers, but animals in need with a balanced, complete raw pet food diet.

“While we navigate through this unprecedented time together, we’re keen to reach out to the community and help where we can. The National Animal Welfare Trust is such an important organisation and the work they do truly is remarkable. We’re really pleased that we can support them and will continue to do so.”

Jackie De Friez, centre manager at National Animal Welfare Trust Hertfordshire added: “We are very grateful for the donations of Natural instinct raw food, they make a massive difference to some of the individual dogs in our care.”

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