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Pet supplier donates litter trays to hospital

Vital Pet Group announced it has donated more than 140 cat litter trays to Sheffield Children’s Hospital in order to be used by its play team across the wards.

The pet product supplier said that the donation would allow staff to continue their critical care work whilst minimising the risk of the virus spreading. 

The colourful trays will be used by the hospital’s play team to separate each child’s toys so that there is a reduced risk of cross-contamination between patients and workers. 

The trays are easy to clean, which makes them hygienic and “ideal” for this purpose and toys and games are essential for the wellbeing of the young patients during this difficult period. 

Heather McManus, sales and marketing director, said: “We love thinking up creative solutions here at Vital, and the current crisis is calling for a lot of innovation. 

“Our recent donation shows that there are opportunities to repurpose existing products for other uses.”

She added: “Cat litter trays and many other pet products are specifically designed for easy disinfection. This is incredibly useful during the current covid-19 pandemic.” 

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