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RSPCA inspectors deliver food to the vulnerable

The RSPCA has revealed that three of its inspectors are delivering food to pet owners who are self-isolating amid the ongoing pandemic.

The trio are dropping off pet food, which has been provided by Morrisons, to those in need in the Cheshire and Staffordshire areas.

Inspectors Jenny Bethell, Nadine Pengilly and Caren Goodman-James have been making the deliveries during breaks from their official RSPCA duties.

The pet food is regularly donated to the RSPCA by the Morrisons Distribution centre in Nantwich when they have surplus products that are approaching their sell-by date. 

The inspectors said that donations were namely made to members of the public they came across during the course of their work who are struggling financially to feed their pets.

Last week the charity was given another large donation, and therefore invited people who were self-isolating and in need of dog food to get in touch with them through local Facebook sites. 

They then arranged to drop the food parcels safely at the pet owner’s door while wearing gloves.

Pengily said: “We are always very grateful for the donations we receive from Morrison’s and we often distribute them to people who we come across as struggling financially to perhaps feed their pets.

“Obviously at this time we realised that some people would be struggling to get pet food because they are self-isolating so we decided to invite anyone in this situation to get in touch via local social media groups and we have had quite a response.”

Goodman-James added: “We have received lots of positive feedback from those who have received the food as they are unable to leave their homes due to self-isolation. 

“They have sent us photographs and messages of support on social media which was great so we know we are making a positive impact on their lives.”

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