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Charley Chau Opens ‘Emergency Dog Supplies’ Store

Luxury dog bed company Charley Chau has announced the launch of an Emergency Dog Supplies Shop to help customers source priority items during the pandemic.

The pop-up store, which was launched in less than a week, has a small edit of essential items to “keep dogs well fed, amused and in good health through these challenging times”. 

Its online shop features emergency pet food, health essential kits, grooming products and treats, amongst other items.

The company will also stock products from such brands as Innocent Hound, Beco Pets, Nature’s Menu and Animology.

Charley Chau co-founder, Christine Chau, said: “A week ago, I was worried because an order for dog food that I had placed with our regular online suppliers two weeks ago still hadn’t been delivered. 

“In need of an emergency delivery but fully aware of the huge delays for major supermarket deliveries, I hit the online pet stores thinking they’d be able to deliver more quickly.” 

She added: “Sadly, I was also faced with two week wait times and for some, I couldn’t even get on their sites. I’ve heard similar stories from our customers and other dog friends.”

The experience inspired Chau to launch the emergency store in order to provide additional support to other customers facing longer waiting times as the crisis continues. 


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