Online pet food prices increase amid Covid-19 virus outbreak, report finds

A new report by the Office for National Statistics has revealed an increase in online prices on pet food amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The report revealed a 3.1% increase in price for the two weeks between 16-22 March and 23-29 March, with an average of an increase of 1.1% per week.

The report revealed pet food increased higher than Paracetamol, which increased by 2.8%. The high demand products also included everyday essential items such as toilet roll, antibacterial wipes, baby food, kitchen rolls and long-life milk.

The news comes as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, warned retailers that they would face “significant fines” if they were deemed to have increased its prices unfairly. He said: “I do not want to see people profiteering, people exploiting people’s needs at a critical time.”

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