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Monkfield Nutrition supports retailers during pandemic 

Specialist reptile product wholesaler, livefood farm and manufacturer Monkfield Nutrition has reportedly “responded quickly” to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The group is now working to support pet stores and ensure that pet reptiles are fed and cared for as the crisis continues.

Monkfield Nutrition, one of the largest livefoods farms in the EU, has also introduced a new livefood tub that has been designed to protect insects in shipping, so that customers can receive fresh and safely packed livefoods to their home.

The retailer said that it is “essential” that the specialist reptile trade “carries on as normal through and after the current crisis”.

As such, it has also introduced a new ‘drop ship’ facility that allows stores to take orders and payment by phone or web, and then pass the orders directly onto Monkfield. The order will then be despatched directly on the store’s behalf.

Monkfield said it is able to “quickly and affordably” ship by post any items from its range, including livefood, frozen food, lamps, electronics, vivariums, thermostats, heaters and other consumables.

It said: “It is essential that pet animals are correctly fed, and that keepers feel safe knowing that essential foods and consumables are only a phone call away, and that we show active support to shops by allowing profitable and easy trade in each and every store.”

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