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A third of pets break digital devices in fight for owners attention, study suggests

Some 36% of pets have broken laptops, smartphones or tablets in a bid for attention as  89% of pet owners believe their pets have tried to get their attention while on digital devices.

In a survey of 1,000 cat and dog owners in the UK, Bought By Many found that 89% of pets have tried to get their owner’s attention while they’re using a device. And many cats and dogs will go to desperate measures, with around 40% of pet owners saying a pet has deliberately broken a device to get some attention. 

The most common methods for our pets to claw back our focus include scratching or pawing (53%), making a noise (48%), or even going as far as sitting on the device itself (36%).

Pet owners also revealed the extent that some pets will go to when vying for affection, with stories of spilling tea onto laptops, knocking ipads off tables and accidentally setting off keyboard shortcuts.

Sarah James, Bought By Many’s veterinary nurse, said: “Pets will undoubtedly be providing some comfort to pet owners who find themselves adjusting to more time at home. While pets will be ecstatic to see us around more, they might also be confused, stressed or unsettled by our increased time at home or how distracted we are by our TVs and phones. 

“If you’re working from home, it can be helpful to replicate your workplace routine – pets understand routines and will get used to this fairly quickly. If you can, work in a separate room from your pet if it seems anxious or over-excited.”

She added: “It’s always good to take regular breaks, so finding time away from your screen to play or ensure they’re getting regular exercise will be beneficial for both pets and their pet parent’s wellbeing.”

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