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Pet owners turn to Google for advice on their pets’ mental health

Study suggests that there has been a  50% increase in Google searches regarding pets mental health.

According to data by Semrush, in 2019 there were nearly 140,000 searches relating to pet mental health with 10,470 searches in January 2019 compared with 15,150 searches in January this year.

Between December 2019 and January 2020 alone, searches on dog mental health issues rose by 20%. The figures also reveal dog owners are the most concerned about their pets, with ‘Is my dog depressed’ the most frequently searched question on pet mental health posed to Google.

 Owners are also especially worried about their pets suffering from separation anxiety, which accounted for 41,420 of the searches over the course of 2019. Terms used included “How to help a dog with separation anxiety” and “Does getting another dog help a dog with separation anxiety?”.

 Olga Andrienko, head of global marketing at Semrush said: “It’s often easy to blame ourselves for not paying attention to our pets when our lives are so busy. 

“In light of a recent study published by the University of Helsinki which found 72.5% of dogs showed at least one anxiety-related behaviour, it’s really encouraging to see people have taken to Google to find practical solutions and help their beloved pets own mental wellbeing.”

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