Vets concerned over ‘low supplies’ amid Covid-19 crisis

Concerns have apparently arisen in the veterinary community over potential equipment shortages in light of donations of ventilators to the NHS.

As the pandemic spreads, veterinary practices are still providing emergency animal care, and many have begun to donate equipment to the NHS, including monitors, anaesthetic machines and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

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However, Sky news has today reported that some vets are worried about the impact of reduced equipment on emergency veterinary services. 

A veterinary doctor, who was not named, told Sky news: “I think as this crisis progresses we will run low on some supplies, particularly as some of the drugs we use are also used in human medicine.

“Unfortunately, some animals will die because of this. More animals might die because of the financial impact of this crisis.”

She added: “It’s tough because we all took an oath to ensure the health and welfare of animals, but our oath includes a commitment to the public as well, and right now that part is more important.

“A lot of vets would like to do more – I’m told that in Italy vets are being used in human hospitals, and we are ready here to help our colleagues in human medicine however we can.”

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