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CK9 launches e-learning packages to protect pet owners during coronavirus quarantine

Cheltenham-based dog training and rehoming centre, CK9 School and Rescue, has launched its new e-learning course to help dog owners to access the material without potentially exposing themselves to coronavirus.

The centre has launched the two-week behaviour course for unruly dogs, and an eight-week full training course full of original techniques.

Rather than attending their dog training centre, owners can now access their courses online, and are supported by videoconferencing, digital tutorials and a range of other e-learning tools.

Carl Gerrard, owner of and a professional dog trainer, said: “With businesses and social activities crawling to a standstill, many people are finding themselves at home with their dogs and an unexpected amount of free time.

“This unique situation gives dog owners the ideal opportunity to focus on training and transforming the behaviour and skills of their canine family members. Although our normal operations are still taking place, we don’t know how long this will be the case for, and we don’t know how long social isolation will continue.”

He added: “Our new e-learning service means dog owners across the country can receive the full support they need to train their dogs in the comfort of their own home.”

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