Dogs Trust launches new ‘Big Scoop’ campaign

Recent research carried out by Dogs Trust, revealed that 69% of people surveyed claim they often witness dog walkers not cleaning up after their dog with 57% indicating that dog fouling is a big issue in their area.

This has resulted in the charity launching a new annual dog fouling awareness campaign, ‘The Big Scoop’, to encourage more people to be kind to their community and pick up after their dog. 

As part of Dogs Trust nationwide campaign, its education and community team will be visiting selected schools across Ireland delivering ‘The Big Scoop’ workshops, where they will educate pupils on the importance of being a responsible dog owner, and how dog fouling is not a dog problem but a human one, all while using their three tier approach – the law, health, and the people it affects.

Toolkits full of lesson plans, posters, fact sheets and activities are available for download so every school or community group can take part. Both the toolkit and workshops will educate children about this important job and encourage them to remind the adults they’re walking with of their responsibility to pick up after their dogs.

In addition, each school or group that downloads a pack and that takes part in a workshop will be invited to take part in ‘The Big Scoop’ national poster competition to highlight the importance of this issue. 

Deborah Martin, campaigns manager at Dogs Trust Ireland, said: “We are asking dog walkers to be kind to their community and to please always pick up after your dog. Our recent research highlights how big of an issue dog fouling is and we want to reinforce the message that this is solely a human problem and not a dog one. 

“Please think of the vulnerable members of your community such as wheelchair users, visually impaired people, babies and toddlers, those who use buggies and prams, as well as people playing sports. Whether you own a dog or not, dog waste in public spaces affects everyone so please Bag It, Bin It.”

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