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Dogs Trust fostering programme enjoys ‘best year ever’ 

The Dogs Trust’s Home From Home fostering programme in Darlington said it has enjoyed its “best year ever” in 2019, providing 167 dogs with temporary foster homes while they waited on owners for permanent rehoming.

This figure was up 15% from the year prior, after the group helped to foster 144 dogs in 2018.

The Darlington team said that despite the programme going from “strength-to-strength”, it is still “on the lookout” for potential foster carers to come forward.

Sue Embleton, rehoming centre manager at Dogs Trust Darlington, said: “We are so grateful to all our foster carers as they really do change the lives of rescue dogs for the better. 

“Many of our existing foster carers already have other pets, which is great for socialising some of our canine residents; however, we have others who could use some time in foster care and would prefer to be the only pet in the home.”

She added: “Foster carers really do make a difference because not only do they give dogs the chance to be part of a family again but the information they learn about their foster dog goes a long way to helping us find them the perfect home. 

“Last year the number of foster dogs that were rehomed permanently, after spending time in foster care, was 110, which is the highest it has ever been. Our foster carers do an amazing job and often take dogs into their care at very short notice. Without this network of carers, we would be unable to help as many dogs in need.”

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