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Dogs Trust reveals top questions owners would ask if their dog could speak

Some 62% of pet owners would most want to ask their dogs if they “were happy” if the dog could talk, according to research by Dogs Trust.

A survey revealed that 48% of pet owners would want to ask “how could I make your life happier” and 45% of the 2,000 dog owners surveyed revealed they would like to ask their pets if they understand when they speak to them.

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The charity also reported 40% of dog owners would like to ask “what do you dream about?” to their pet and 39% wanted to ask “do you love me”.

Dogs Trust is also calling on owners to show their dogs some “extra love” this ‘Love Your Pet Day’ (20 February 2020) by sharing some tips, which include: having a treasure hunt, playing their favourite game and building them a ‘doggy den’.

Jenna Kiddie, head of canine behaviour at Dogs Trust, said: “Dogs are such wonderful characters and play such a big part in our lives, and what’s clear from these statistics is that we want nothing more than to make our dogs’ lives even happier.  

“Of course, every day should be love your pet day and there’s lots of different ways you can show your pet pooch just how much you love them from building them a doggy den to playing their favourite game.”

She added: “This Love Your Pet Day why not show some extra love to our rescue dogs as well and make some of their wishes come true by donating toys and treats to your local rehoming centre.”

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