SCAS launches human-animal bond research scheme

The Society of Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) has announced a three-year funding programme to enable research that furthers understanding on the human-animal bond.

Research that focuses on animal assisted interventions (particularly with children), the human-companion animal relationship and cross-disciplinary working will be prioritised. 

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However, projects that look at companion animal loss and the bond-centred veterinary practice will also be considered, as will those that consider children, older people or people with diverse needs and their relationship with companion animals. 

SCAS chairman, Dr Elizabeth Ormerod, said: “Human-animal bonds are dynamic relationships between people and animals. They are usually symbiotic, providing psychological and physical benefits to both parties. 

“Research projects, such as those we will be funding, are essential to add to the growing evidence base which can be key to encouraging such relationships, and also to supporting these if under challenge.”

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