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Ceva Animal Health to launch ‘Pet Anxiety Month’ campaign

Animal product manufacturer Ceva Animal Health has announced the launch of a ‘Pet Anxiety Month’ in March.

The nationwide campaign, which is in its second consecutive year, will raise awareness of pet anxieties amongst pet owners and highlight what can be done to help anxious pets.  

The scheme includes professional help from a trainer or behaviourist, who will speak with pet owners to share thoughts and advice. It also aims to teach family and friends to help “underpin” any training regime put in place and utilising products alongside behavioural and training support.

 Abigail King, senior product manager for Adaptil and Feliway at Ceva, said: “It is widely known that humans suffer from anxieties, but pets do too with 82% of dogs and 89% of cats reported to be scared of something.

“It is therefore important that we educate pet owners on the signs of stress and the help and support that they can give to their pets.”

She added: “Pet Anxiety Month will get people talking and we want people to know that there are products out there to support pets and that help is at hand to get the right advice, which is extremely important.”

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